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Robinson & Robinson, LLP, is focused on delivering exceptional results for you and your business.

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The Origins Of Our Success

Robinson & Robinson, LLP, was established in 1997. Since then, we have worked diligently to provide our clients with the best legal representation we can offer. The founding partners of the firm are twin brothers who came from different but complementary legal backgrounds.

Before joining forces with Greg, Jeff primarily handled commercial litigation, yet was often asked by clients to assist with ongoing business transactions. He turned to Greg for informal advice and assistance. At the same time, Greg was handling commercial business transactions on a daily basis, with some lawsuits for his clients. Greg often asked Jeff for input on his lawsuits. Eventually, they realized that by formally combining into one firm, they could provide even better service to their collective clients.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Our Legal Team

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Our Guiding Principles


A “maxim” is a “short, pithy statement expressing a general truth or rule of conduct.” Concise Oxford American Dictionary (2006). The California Civil Code contains a section called “Maxims on Jurisprudence.” Ca. Civil Code §§ 3509-3548. In the same spirit, we like to develop or adopt our own Firm Maxims.

Results And Relationships

We know they’re important to you. They are important to us also. It’s why we’re in the business. “R & R” – beyond “Robinson & Robinson” – also stands for relationships and results.

We Will Find A Way Or Make One. “Inveniemus Aut Faciemus.”

This philosophy has guided us from the beginning.
We approach each matter with the client’s goal in mind – then work to achieve it.

Fortune Favors The Brave.

An ancient saying – equally true today. Set a goal and work to make it happen. Good fortune is most often the result of inspiration and perspiration.

The Hammer And The Anvil

When you are the hammer, STRIKE; when you are the anvil – BEAR. Litigation is dynamic – one acts and is acted upon. Understand how the system works to achieve the best results.

Quality Services For Quality Clients

Robinson & Robinson, LLP, won’t represent anyone or everyone. We prefer to focus on a few quality clients and matters so that each gets the attention deserved.

Protection, Collection And Deflection

Three worthy objectives…
At Robinson & Robinson, LLP, we seek to protect clients from potential litigation by helping put systems in place that will minimize risk; collect money owed to clients and enforce client’s rights; and deflect any liabilities by defending clients against lawsuits and claims.

Crossroads Of Justice

When opposing interests meet in life’s course, there is conflict. We call it the “crossroads of justice.” At Robinson & Robinson, LLP, we seek to resolve those interests in a way that secures and protects justice for our clients, allowing each person to continue on his or her way, secure in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Our logo is a symbol of the crossroads of justice. It reminds us that our firm’s mission is to stand at the crossroads of justice and assist all our clients who must pass by.

Contact The Firm

Located in Irvine, Robinson & Robinson, LLP serves local, regional, national and international businesses throughout Southern California and beyond. Please reach out to the Firm at (949) 752-7007 to arrange a consultation, or contact us online.



We represent clients in both state and federal courts for trial and appellate matters.


The Firm has experience enforcing and defending claims in arbitration.

Business Transactions

We handle key business transactions for companies doing business in Southern California.


Clients And Industries

Our list of current and former clients includes corporations with $1Billion+ in annual revenues

What Our Clients Say

I highly recommend Robinson & Robinson to any business owners looking for a legal team to help them grow their business operations

Larry Sommerfield, President Direct Media Communications, Inc. & Founder/Former President Horizon West Financial, Inc.

From drafting contracts for the sale of our business, and our new business, the group of lawyers at Jeff’s firm have been exceptional.

Nick Kosareff, RN, President/Founder @ Young At Heart Senior Placement

Robinson & Robinson provides the exceptional legal advice, clarity, and peace of mind we look for in a relationship with our attorneys.

Jim Graham, Greenberg/Graham Advisors LLC